Monday, June 11, 2012

My cleaning and sorting is going pretty slow...

For the past week, I have been cleaning my scrapbook room.  I decided to remove EVERYTHING but the furniture.  I am sorting as I remove things and I will sort and evaluate everything as I move it back in.  The project sounded like a week or 2 event, but, now, I will be pleased if I am done by the end of the summer. One problem is, I keep having ideas for using things...  WAIT!  That isn't a problem, it is creativity.  As a scrapbooker, there are tons of photos at my place.  As a child of hoarders, I keep all of them.  But, I also realize that I have many that will never be used, and they are crowding my space.  Today I grabbed a handful of photos and began to scrutinze each one.  What can I do with this?  Will I ever use it?  Can it be altered in some way?  Some went in the recycle bin, some are being distributed to my children, some I will scrap for the first, second or fifth time.  This photo is of a figurine of a pair of flamingoes my friend Linda from Huntington, Texas sent me.  I imagined fussy cutting the flamingoes out.  The Fiskar's 360 degree craft knife was perfect for this.  I have never been very good working with craft knives, but I am learning!  First thing is:  get a cutting mat.  I love my Creative Memories self healing mat.  Next, cut all the hard parts out FIRST!  All this time, I have been cutting the main shape out first.  If you cut the little bits out first, you have something to hold onto while cutting.  Then you can fussycut around the edges.  I find it better for me, to bring the paper to the scissors or craft knife.  Allow yourself room to rotate the image.  Once the image was ready, I popped it up on Stampin'Up dimensionals.  The paper is from my vast stash - Colorbok's Friendly Forest collection.  I cut out a 2 sided tag, 3X6 inches, rounded the top corners, and punched a hole in the center. I affixed the cut image, then decided to add a ribbon banner on the bottom with some Scor-Tape by Scor-Pal Products.  Then I attatched the front and back of tags together.  I used the FRIEND part of the FURRY FRIENDS stamp from the Fiskars Beary Fun Simple Stick Repositionable Rubber Stamps set.  I colored the part I wanted to use with one of my Stampin' Up markers.  A quick "huff" on the stamp and the image is down.  I added dabs of shine with Stickles.  Finally, I used 2 flowers on the front and one on the back and felt really pleased with the results.  I challenge you to look through your photographs and find an image to play with.  Share the link with your project here.  I would love to see what you create.


  1. Thanks for all the deets! I loved reading about your photo stash, your reorganizing turned to creating and how you put it all together! Great job, my friend!

  2. Goodness, why didn't I think of cutting the little bits first - so much to learn and so little time. Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure I will have much better results with my next "fussy cut" attempt.

  3. Love this. Nice work.