Monday, August 13, 2012

"Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear"

The other day, I headed to the fabric department to get some lace.  I spotted this cute Elvis fabric for $2 a yard and got a yard of it.  The plan was to make a pillow cover or case, for my son, Sean, for his birthday.  Then I spotted 97 cent patterns.  I have haunted Goodwill for several weeks looking for patterns to use in collages, without sucess.  While looking at patterns, I found one for a teddy bear.  Light bulb!!  It said it was easy and I decided this would be a fun gift. 

It took 6 hours...  I had to make sure the fabric design was upright instead of going with the grain of the fabric.  The images on the feet were singled out to make an interesting image there, I did the same with the ears. 

I added a denim heart for extra interest.

Hoping the next four I make will be easier.  Planning to make one for each of the grandbabies for Christmas.  The stuffing is Poly-fil by Fairfield.  It was a sheer pleasure to work with, so soft and silky.  Previous stuffing materials that I have worked with were rough and lumpy. 

I better go put this little guy up, he is worming his way into my heart and I don't want gifting him to be "unBEARable". 

Hope you have time to be crafty today.


  1. Hi, Donna. Jean#8889. My twitter name is grandmabullock.
    This bear is so cute, I just had to tweet it. Take care!

  2. Bear-y cute Donna!!!
    You can't go wrong combining The King in this very special Teddy Bear - what a perfect match ... I can hear the wonderful voice of Elvis singing in the background :)

    1. I have teddy bears that sing let me be your teddy bear.
      if anyone is interested

  3. This is really cute!! Love the fabric too!! Thanks for the visit today:):)

  4. Y'know my mum would love this bear! Such a cool bear!
    Thanks so much for leaving a sweet comment on my blog (if you do want that 'Oh Deer' stamp set, get it quick, it's on sale and I think it's about to be retired!)

  5. I love that bear he is toooooo cute.