Friday, October 5, 2012

More Wishes

 My 30 wishes are almost done.  It is harder than it seems.  Should they be realistic or serious or frivilous?   So many decisions...  #20 was an idea from Rosie.  She made a sweet scrapbook page about her Sister using this paper, so, true to using what is easy access, I made this wish.  It would be great if we always got a little something sweet on everything.  "Here is your speeding ticket Mrs.Woods, oh and here is a Hershey's Kiss for you."   $200 electric bill, oh, and here is a Tootsie Roll"  You get the drift.

#21 - back to wishing for that clean house again, and the smell of fresh baked cookies as you walk in the door, dinner on the neatly set table with fancy plates and glasses...

                            #22 - Of all the things I have lost, I miss my memory the most...
                       Thanks for stopping by.  Please take some time to go be crafty today.

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