Monday, October 1, 2012

Thinking Off The Table

I have seen some really cute Halloween pillows lately.  Most are more than I want to pay for them.  So, while browsing at Target today,  I found some very trendy placemats.  VOILA!  Just what I wasn't looking for...  I bought a pair and headed home with them.  Making them was really "sew" easy!  In my stash, I happened to have an orange fabric shower curtain.  By using the top section, 2 sides of the pillow back were hemmed.  The top of the pillow back had 3 ready made "buttonholes" (meant for the shower curtain hooks to go in).  I machine stitched the wrong sides together, leaving the top open.  Then I marked where the holes were, hand stitched 3 buttons on, stuffed the pillows with plastic shopping bags, and buttoned them closed.  These pillows cost me $2.99 plus tax each.  They can be emptied and will lay flat to store away until next year.  They look pretty cute and the price was exactly right!  They took less than an hour to put together.
I also made a collage from my favorite Webster's Pages EVER!
The flower is from some tulle from my stash.  The 31 is from Tim Holtz.  The cute little spider is from one of those little plastic rings.  The saying, "The world, for a little while, was an enchanted land", was cut from a discarded retailer's catalog.  I added some punched elements and some stickers, then put them in a frame that always hangs there over the usual photos.  After Halloween, I can switch them out, storing the Halloween collage underneath.
Hope this gets your creative juices flowing and that you take some time to be crafty today.


  1. The pillows look amazing, Donna!

  2. How creative to make those pillows from placemats! And I love the wall decor!

  3. Very clever, cute and thrifty pillows Donna - great work!!!
    LOVE your collage too, you are definitely in Halloween mode :)