Monday, July 30, 2012

Fab Fun Makeover

I have this Rubbermaid stepstool that must be about 30 years old.  If memory serves me correctly, my children (32, 31 and 23) would sit on the bottom step, put their legs under the top step, and use it like a little desk.  It was their favorite place to have a snack at their Grandma Riley's house.  The stool is still a sound piece to use for climbing and there are 3 Grandbabies that can use it for snacking.  BUT, it lacked pizazz.  I decided to keep it in my scrap/craft room.  Since that room has a lot of orange, that was the perfect color choice. .  Here is what it looked like THEN:

I cleaned it, but did not sand as recommended.  I used Rust-oleum Gloss Painters Touch in Real Orange.  My hubby recommended I grab a snap on spray nozzle to make it easier on my hand.  It is also by Rustoleum.

I sprayed the underside first, let it dry, flipped it over and did several light coats waiting about 20 minutes between each coat.

Then I applied Krylon Glitter Blast in Orange Burst.  I did several light coats of it also.  I love the glitter accents, though it is a little pricey, I wouldn't have liked the end results nearly as much without it.

You really can't tell that it is all that glittery in the photo, but I really love it.  It was an easy updo and I kept a memory filled object but gave it a great makeover.

I have always found spray paint intimidating.  My past experiences always had runny spots.  I did not have any trouble with runs at all.  So, grab something ugly and give it a fun makeover this week.  Share it with me, won't you please?  Now, go be crafty.


  1. Wow, what a great makeover! Love this orange you picked and the glitter looks great! It is so hard to take photos of glitters but you did great! I can imagine from what I see here how beautiful it must be in real life! Thanks for sharing this, Donna! Happy crafting!

  2. I like! Love the vibrant happy orange! :)

  3. LOVE IT - great work Donna!!!

    ... you can never have too much sparkle and shine in your life and it is also fun to see that you have some orange grass too :)

    PS - you have shared the secret of perfect spray painting - lots of light coats and there are no drips or runs.