Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 1 of Simple Wishes

Stephanie, over at "My Crafty Adventures" is creating a wish journal and I am playing along. Day one, Stephanie created a pocket for her tag. I did that also.

I patterned my pocket after the ones that I bought for my SMASHbook. Walmart carries SMASHbooks and accesories now. The pockets come in a package of 4, and retail for $2.19 on the website, but are $1.75 at Walmart. I made the pocket out of kraft paper. The blue "doily" is from "The Sweetest Thing's Bluebell" by My Mind's Eye (MME). I stuck the doily to my clothes to get the "sticky" a little linty and make it repositionable. Then I placed it on the pocket and inked over it, using it like a mask. Then I placed the inked doily next to it on the pocket.  I fussy cut around the negative image of  a #1 and applied it to the center of the masked image.  Not being happy with the way it looked, I used a white out pen to color in the negative image to make make a neat and tidy #1.  The plan was to peel the black sticker part off, but I liked it the slightly messy way better.
The ink I used was a pigment ink and that means it takes FOREVER to dry.  I found a product in Maxine's stash that I had never seen before, Goosebumps Texture Spray by Tsukineko.  This is the coolest stuff EVER!  It seals plus it gives the project a bumpy texture - LOVE it.
Satisfied with the pocket, I moved onto the tag.  I had selected the paper for the tag from scraps I had used for a layout.  The paper is from "The Sweetest Thing's Bluebell" by MME.  I started by stamping the ribbon.

This is a technique Lisa Pace showed us at her make and take from the book signing.  This is so cool.  You can take an old sheet or pillowcase from the thrift store nearest you, or you can cheat and buy some fabric suitable for this purpose.  The next time I need fabricn though, I will send my hubby with a list and a cell phone... Just sayin'.
The tag was easy-peasy.  I made it a bit larger than the average tag.  The "No 1" at the top is also from MME.  I added it, and cut around the tag to incorporate it as part of the tag.  I punched a hole in the top and added the ribbon.  Probably the hardest part was the wish.  I wrote the wish with an "altered" pen.  This is so simple!  I can't believe I didn't think of this. 
You just get a pen, open it up, and add a strip of a fun colored paper.
So, I wrote my wish with my fun pen.  And I tucked it in the pocket.  This is a secret wish, really hoping it comes true...
Thank you for stopping by, hoping your wishes all come true, and I hope you take some time to be crafty today.


  1. Neat step-by step! I've got one of those Smash books I ordered online a little while ago, and you're inspiring me to get it started. Thanks for the push!

  2. Great 1st page Donna - love how you used the doily to make a negative and put them side-by-side!!! Thanks for the pen altering hint, a great idea that I look forward to trying :)

  3. Very pretty tag! Love the burlap trim and color scheme! :)