Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 3 of 30 Simple Wishes

Stephanie at My Crafty Adventures made her wish journal entry with Washi tape.  I have some, but it is of the B&W variety, and I wanted something a bit more colorful.  I made my own Washi tape using scotch tape.  You stick the tape to the paper, trim it to fit and wet it thoroughly.  Then you gently rub the paper off the tape and let it dry.  The up side - it is inexpensive and you can make it to match your paper.  The down side, it has to be adhered to the page with your own adhesive.  It is easy and fast.  The tape I used was the dollar store brand, but in a non-glossy (invisible) variety.  I used Little Yellow Bicycle's Escape collection for day 3.

Once again, I wrote on the tag with a Wite Out pen.  The tag was trimmed with my Fiskars paper trimmer and scissors.  I sewed the pocket like I did on day 2.
                                  It was harder to make the wish than to make the page.
                                  Hope you take some time for wishing and to be crafty.


  1. So the color of the paper adheres to the tape?

    1. Yes, you gently rub off the paper, and the dye adheres. It is a cool technique.