Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wish # 9 (and #4 - Oops)

My Son came up for his 2 youngest Niece's birthday parties.  They were born on 9/9 and 9/12, one year apart.  I had the pleasure of driving him back home to Nashville yesterday.  We spent some nice quality time conversing on the 6 hour drive and that inspired me for my 9th wish.
His near-perfect housemate is moving.back to West Virginia.  They share a wonderful house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a lovely deck and large corner lot in a nice neighborhood.  He can't afford to stay there without someone to share the rent.  Sharing a house with someone is almost like finding a good spouse.  You really need to be compatible with them for it to work out well.

                                            I am wishing and praying for a miracle for him.
 This is not without some selfishness on my part, it is a great place to stay when we come to visit.
                                                The papers are Fancy Pants Wave Searcher.
                                                  Somehow I missed posting day 4's wish.
                                                         My wish is based on one word.
                                    I need to believe in my strengths and the people that I love.
                                                      The paper is from My Mind's Eye.
                                                 The beautiful words really spoke to me.

                    Take some time to wish some good things for yourself and others today,
                                                     then, work on making them happen.
                                     While you are at it, make some time to be crafty today.

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