Thursday, September 27, 2012

World Cardmaking Day

                            I will be participating in several World Cardmaking Day events.
                                         Hope you will come check out my card posts,
                                      and take some time to make some cards yourself.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wishes 17-18-19

                               Way behind in posting, but the wishes just keep on coming...
                                                                             Wish 17
                                I am so darn sensitive.  I cry over commercials sometimes...
                                                                            Wish 18
 A private wish.
Wish 19

                                                                      That is all for now.
                                        Please take some time for yourself, and go be crafty.

Giveaway Alert!!

Nina Wang has a great gieaway going on.  You can see it here:
She is giving away a cool storage system from Rubbermaid.
Head on over, let her know I sent you and Good Luck.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Wishes...

                                                                   Wishes 15 and 16
                                Decided to break out the Washi Tape I have been hoarding.
                                                        This tape is by My Mind's Eye.
                                                       My wish is for a magic wand...
                                                             You just never know...

                                                                        Wish #16
  I wish I could fly.  Literally.  I would fly everywhere.  I hate traffic.  I hate to even drive anymore.
                                          The embellies are fussy cut from Webster's Pages.
                              If adorable baby birds can wear party hats, then I should be able to fly.
                          Please take some time to be Crafty today.  Maybe even make a wish or two...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wish 14

I painted a box a while back on Fiskateers.
I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I gave it purpose.
                                              I am wishing for a beautifully creative day.
                                                         It is going to be a beautiful day.
                                            This is a tag that slips in behing the cardboard.
                                                               I feel the creative twitch...

                           I hoping (and wishing) that you will take some creative time today.

Wish 13

                                       I love the little alphabet stamps that I have been using.
                                           The birds and heart are Fiskars squeeze punches.
My Hubby and I don't seem to have a lot of time for each other since he began working midnights.
                                              Hope you take some time for romance today.

Wish #12

Wish #12
                                           I took inspiration from Stephanie's use of fabric.
                           I used markers to color the fabric and stitched my twine into place.

             I had a really painful Fibromyalgia day yesterday, and that is all I could think about.
                            Hope you  feel like crafting at least 1 little something today.

Wish 11

                                              Wish 11 is being posted a few days late.

             I wept at the mention of that terrible day.  I avoided the television as much as possible.
                                 The pain of the family and friends must be horrible also. 
                                                                   My wish is for them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wish #10

                                                               My wish for today is #10.
                                                                    It is a sincere wish,
                         ...that was sparked by something a lady from Hoarders said last night.
She said she was "chronically unhappy".  They had helped her clean her house.  They fixed her bedroom and painted her bathroom, so that both were beautiful and clean places to relax and refresh.
All she could do was complain that she hated surprises and cry because she "hated it".  She admitted that she was "chronically unhappy".  My Mother was that way.  No matter what she had or what you did for her, it was never enough.   I don't want to ever be that way.  I wish to be chronically happy.

Wish # 9 (and #4 - Oops)

My Son came up for his 2 youngest Niece's birthday parties.  They were born on 9/9 and 9/12, one year apart.  I had the pleasure of driving him back home to Nashville yesterday.  We spent some nice quality time conversing on the 6 hour drive and that inspired me for my 9th wish.
His near-perfect housemate is moving.back to West Virginia.  They share a wonderful house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a lovely deck and large corner lot in a nice neighborhood.  He can't afford to stay there without someone to share the rent.  Sharing a house with someone is almost like finding a good spouse.  You really need to be compatible with them for it to work out well.

                                            I am wishing and praying for a miracle for him.
 This is not without some selfishness on my part, it is a great place to stay when we come to visit.
                                                The papers are Fancy Pants Wave Searcher.
                                                  Somehow I missed posting day 4's wish.
                                                         My wish is based on one word.
                                    I need to believe in my strengths and the people that I love.
                                                      The paper is from My Mind's Eye.
                                                 The beautiful words really spoke to me.

                    Take some time to wish some good things for yourself and others today,
                                                     then, work on making them happen.
                                     While you are at it, make some time to be crafty today.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My 8th Wish

Wish 8 was easy for me to make this morning.  I have been thinking about how I relate to my family,  especially my husband.  It seems I have been cranky lately and I really don't like that.  My husband, children, granchildren, sister and her family are everything to me.  I am so involved with my own problems lately that I have been less than supportive for them.

I also realized that I am the only one that can make my wishes come true.
Wishes do come true...

Simple Wish #7

Stephanie has made some beautiful pages in her wish journal.  You can join her journey here:
                                                      This is the 7th wish in my journal.
The paper I chose today is KaiserKraft's Bubblegum Hills.
Butterflies because are so free and spontaneous.
                        The negative image of the alphabet are a great change from just using the letters.
    Sometimes I stress over things that I have absolutely no control over.  I really want to let go of this.
           Wish #7 complete.  I am really enjoying my wish journey.  What do you wish for?
                                                I hope you take time to be crafty today.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Simple Wishes Day 6

Loving taking the wish journey with Stephanie. Stephanie wished for a change in herseelf, I had a more pressing wish on my mind, but it is a secret wish. I made my wish page with BoBunny paper and stickers.  I cut the "6" out freehand (just in case you can't tell...

My letter stickers didn't show up too well, so I traced around them in my trusty Bic Wite Out pen.  LOVE those things!

                                                          Wish made, and so is the page:

                      Now, I really wish that I could get day 7 done so I am all caught up...